OSE Inverse Theis Calculator

This application allows one to input 5 of the following 6 parameters to predict the 6th (with the exception of Transmissivity): Transmissivity (select units of gpd/ft or ft2/d); Storage Coefficient; Time (years) since the beginning of pumping; pumping rate (select units of gpm or acre-feet/yr); Distance (select units of feet or miles) from the pumping well; and Drawdown (ft) at the given distance. You cannot solve for Transmissivity because for most sets of parameter values, there is not a unique solution for Transmissivity.

Please select the parameter to be determined and enter the the other parameter values:

Transmissivity   gpd/ft  ft2/d
Storage Coefficient  
Pumping Rate gpm  acre-ft/yr
Time years  days
Distance feet  miles
Drawdown (feet)