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Related Links and Resources

The New Mexico Ground Water Association (NMGWA) is a 501(C)-(6) Non-Profit organization that works to assist, promote, encourage, support and protect the interest and welfare of the ground water industry and its users within the state of New Mexico.
The New Mexico Ground Water Association represents Well Drilling Contractors, Pump Installation Contractors, Manufacturers, Suppliers and Consultants involved in the Ground Water Industry in New Mexico and the Well Owners that use the wells we supply.

NGWA - The Groundwater Association - NGWA is a community of groundwater professionals working together to advance groundwater knowledge and the success of our members through education and outreach; advocacy; cooperation and information exchange; and enhancement of professional practices.

New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources - This program located at New Mexico Tech in Socorro NM offers maps and publications related to  natural resources and geoscience.

The NAL Catalog (AGRICOLA) - The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) National Agricultural Library provides citations to agricultural literature.

El Portal - Your Doorway to a World of Information - El Portal is a collection of databases that provide free access anytime to resources that are otherwise unavailable for free on the Internet. This includes newspapers, magazine and journal articles, and reference books such as encyclopedias. Materials are available for all age ranges and interests. "El Portal" is administered by the New Mexico State Library.

Bibliography of New Mexico Geology - The Geologic Information Center maintains a bibliography of New Mexico geology, which contains all the information in the 12 published bibliographies of New Mexico through to 1987. Bibliographic data from 1988 onwards has been compiled directly into this database and indexed by Keywords, County, Formation, and Time Period.

New Mexico Geological Society Field Guides - Papers from all but most recent guidebooks are available as free PDF downloads to the public. NMGS Members, when logged in, will have access to all guidebook papers. Road logs, mini-papers, and other selected sections will remain available only in print.

Collection: New Mexico State Engineer Records, | New Mexico Archives Online (unm.edu) - This collection goes to the New Mexico Archives Online at UNM and it then links to the New Mexico State Archives and Records Center where State Engineer records are kept.

New Mexico State Library - The State Library subscribes to numerous databases to assist in the search for information. You can use these databases to find books, magazine articles, reports, company information, newspaper articles, legislative materials, and more.

New Mexico Water Resources Research Institute (WRRI) - A statewide consortium for water research, education, and outreach.

NOAA's National Weather Service - Hydrometeorological Design Studies Center Precipitation Maps are available to the public.

Science.gov - searches over 55 databases and over 2100 selected websites from 15 federal agencies, offering 200 million pages of authoritative U.S. government science information including research and development results. Science.gov is governed by the interagency Science.gov Alliance

University of New Mexico Resources Program -  is a regionally prominent center of expertise on water-related issues and training for environmental professionals, promoting fair, healthy and sustainable solutions to the challenges of water use in New Mexico and the southwest

USGS Water Science Glossary of Terms - This list is compiled from a number of sources and should not be considered an "official" U.S. Geological Survey water glossary.

Western Waters Digital Library - provides free public access to digital collections of significant primary and secondary resources on water in the western United States.

Water Resources Collections and Archive, a collaboration of the University of California, Riverside and California State University, Sand Bernadino libraries that collects contemporary and historic materials on all aspects of water resources.