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Water Masters

Water Masters actively administer the distribution of water from stream systems on a daily basis. The State Engineer has the authority to create special water districts and hire Water Masters as the State Engineer determines is necessary for the administration of water rights. Water Masters serve an important function for the Office of the State Engineer because they ensure that water is distributed fairly.

If not funded directly by the legislature, state law provides a means for funding of Water Masters. The State Engineer would provide a budget for Water Masters to the county or counties involved. The counties then can pass on the cost to the affected water users.

To contact individual Water Masters and to access Water Master Reports please click on the links below:

District 1 Water Masters (Albuquerque)

District 2 Water Masters (Roswell)

District 3 Water Masters (Deming)

District 4 Water Masters (Las Cruces)

District 5 Water Masters (Aztec)

District 6 Water Masters (Santa Fe)

District 7 Water Masters (Cimarron)

 Watermasters in the field

For more information on Water Masters in New Mexico, contact our Water Rights Division at (505) 827-6120