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Active Water Resource Management (AWRM)

Steps to Active Water Resource Management

The Office of the State Engineer must take proactive measures to be prepared for the challenges of Active Water Resource Management (AWRM). The State Engineer has organized teams to implement AWRM in the areas of critical concern across the state. To implement AWRM, the State Engineer will:

Designate basin managers and project teams

Develop schedules for implementation of AWRM

Develop district-specific regulations

Establish a budget of metering costs and implementation of metering devices

Develop a plan for communication with the public

Hire and train water master for each area of critical concern

Provide training for water masters and other personnel

Develop water master manuals

Abstract water rights files into WATERS database

"We are committed to taking proactive steps toward the management of all New Mexico rivers. Steps taken this year to develop AWRM into a statewide program will help provide services for active administration that will apply to future drought cycles as well as during wet cycles in our state.” -- John D’Antonio, New Mexico State Engineer