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Due to the Pandemic the Office of the State Engineer will not be accepting cash at any of their District Office’s.  Only checks or money orders will be accepted at this time.  Also, please do not mail in cash. Thank You for your cooperation.

To facilitate speedier service, it is always recommended that you call the District Office closest to you to make an appointment.

Forms can be downloaded from this page for Ground Water Filing Forms, Surface Water Filing Forms and Other applications or forms

Dam Safety, Metering and Well Driller forms can be found on the following pages:

If you have questions as to how to fill out any of the sections on an application, please contact the District Office that administers the groundwater basin or stream system in which the application is located.

Please note that three originals of documents are needed.

Ground Water Filing Forms and Fees

Surface Water Filing Forms and Fees

Form # Description Filing Fee
N/A Water Development Plan $100.00


NOTE: The following attachments might be required by some of the application forms (the forms will indicate in the 'point of diversion sections' if one of these attachments is necessary).

Other Application Forms and Fees