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Rio Chama Basin

In the Rio Chama Basin, the State Engineer currently administers the release and delivery of the San Juan-Chama Project water.

Active Water Resource Management (AWRM)

The State Engineer has chosen the entire Rio Chama watershed as a priority basin in New Mexico for Active Water Resource Management (AWRM)

The Chama Basin watershed consists of the Rio Chama, the largest tributary to the Rio Grande, and all of its perennial and ephemeral tributary streams. The entire watershed encompasses more than 3,000 square miles with the headwaters located in the San Juan Mountains of southern Colorado.

In New Mexico, the Rio Chama watershed extends from the state line, just north of the Village of Chama south to its confluence with the Rio Grande, north of Espanola. The western boundary of the Chama watershed is the continental divide while the southern extent of the San Juan Mountains in New Mexico, form the primary boundary to the east.

An additional source of water in the Chama Basin comes from the San Juan- Chama transmountain diversion. Three major reservoirs are located in the basin. El Vado and Abiquiu Reservoirs are located on the Chama and Heron is located on Willow Creek, a tributary to the Chama.


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