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Pecos River Basin - Technical Data & Resources

The Pecos Bureau uses a variety of information and data to assess New Mexico’s compliance with its Pecos Compact delivery obligations and to determine Pecos Settlement implementation requirements.  Types of data include: stage and discharge measurements collected at USGS and ISC surface-water stations located on the Pecos River mainstem and tributaries; reservoir stages and storage volumes; the volume and duration of reservoir releases; reservoir evaporation; diversions to irrigation canals, and irrigation return flows to the river; climatic data (e.g., temperature and precipitation, and seasonal outlooks); pumped groundwater volumes; and groundwater elevations in aquifers

The links to some of these technical data are listed below:

River Gage Data for the Pecos Basin from USGS

Reservoir Storage Data for Santa Rosa Lake, Lake Sumner, Brantley Reservoir, and Avalon Reservoir from U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Groundwater Elevation data (ISC) in the Seven Rivers area

Technical Reports for the Pecos Basin

Climate data such as 3-month predictions from the National Weather Service

The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service provides mountain snowpack and streamflow forecasts for the western united states.