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Pecos River Basin - River Gage Information

In a joint effort between the New Mexico Office of the State Engineer and the New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission (OSE/ISC) annual support is provided to the U.S. Geological Survey for multiple gaging stations within the State.  Additionally, operation and maintenance of critical USGS gages used for Pecos Compact accounting are partially paid for by the Pecos River Commission.  The primary data collected at stream gaging stations is the quantity of water flowing at a particular location along a river versus time.  The unit of measure for discharge is typically cubic feet per second.  Some of the gaging stations may also be equipped with water quality meters, such as those that measure the electrical conductivity of the water.  These water quality meters provide an indirect measure of the salinity of the water; see for example the gage at Pecos River near Malaga (USGS station number 08406500).

08378500 Pecos River Near Pecos, NM
08379500 Pecos River Near Anton Chico, NM
08380500 Gallinas Creek Near Montezuma, NM
08382500 Gallinas River Near Colonias, NM
08382650 Pecos River Above Santa Rosa Lake, NM
08382830 Pecos River Below Santa Rosa Dam, NM
08383500 Pecos River Near Puerto De Luna, NM
08384500 Pecos River Below Sumner Dam, NM
08385000 Fort Sumner Main Canal Near Fort Sumner, NM
08385503 Sand Gate Div From Ft Sumner Canal At Ft Sumner,NM
08385522 Pecos River Below Taiban Creek Near Fort Sumner,NM
08385630 Pecos River Near Dunlap, NM
08386000 Pecos River Near Acme, NM
08386505 Rio Ruidoso At Ruidoso, NM
08390500 Rio Hondo At Diamond A Ranch Nr Roswell, NM
08393610 Rio Hondo Near Roswell, NM
08396500 Pecos River Near Artesia, NM
08399500 Pecos River (Kaiser Channel) Near Lakewood, NM
08401500 Pecos River Below Brantley Dam Near Carlsbad, NM
08401900 Rocky Arroyo Near Carlsbad, NM
08403500 Carlsbad Main Canal At Head Near Carlsbad, NM
08404000 Pecos River Below Avalon Dam, NM
08405105 Dark Canyon Draw Near Whites City, NM
08405200 Pecos River Below Dark Canyon At Carlsbad, NM
08405500 Black River Above Malaga, NM
08406500 Pecos River Near Malaga, NM
08407500 Pecos River At Red Bluff, NM
08408500 Delaware River Nr Red Bluff, NM