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Ute Reservoir

Ute Reservoir (Lake)New Mexico Communities in and along the eastern slopes of the Sangre de Cristo and Rocky Mountains will have an increasingly difficult time obtaining the supply needed to provide for their municipal needs as insufficient groundwater supplies continue to decline. Ute Reservoir’s annual yield of 24,000 acre feet is intended to provide a renewable source of water for a number of eastern slope communities.

The New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission owns and operates Ute Reservoir.

The annual yield of Ute Reservoir is currently under contract to the Ute Water Commission that has an option under the contract to purchase the entire 24,0000 acre-feet of annual yield. Development of this water source represents the best renewable source for intended municipal uses in this region.

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Ute Water Commission

In 1987, the Ute Water Commission was formed by a Joint Powers Agreement for the purpose of contracting with the New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission to purchase, acquire and distribute water from Ute Reservoir.

The Ute Water Commission includes representatives of Quay, Curry and Roosevelt counties, the communities of Clovis, Portales, San Jon, Grady, Melrose, Texico and Elida, and a cooperating member, Cannon Air Force Base.