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Carlsbad Irrigation District (CID) Partial Final Decree Appendix D

Summary of Water Rights in the Carlsbad Irrigation District

The following Summary contains a subfile-by-subfile description of water rights adjudicated to the Defendants in the CID.  The Summary describes the elements of the water rights adjudicated in each subfile by a consent order, default order, or other final order entered in the subfile. 

The Summaries set out for each subfile the OSE subfile number, the CID assessment number, the Court case number, the names of the Defendants who signed the original Offer of Judgment or Consent Order, the date of the filing of the original Offer of Judgment or Consent Order, the OSE file numbers, the purpose of use, the sources of water, the points of diversion, the priority dates, and the location and amount of irrigated acreage.  Subfiles describing tracts of land determined to be without water rights are also included in this Summary.  Not included in the Summaries are the priority dates for surface water rights and the amounts of water for surface water rights and supplemental rights.  That is because, as Part B of this Appendix explains, the surface right priorities and the surface and supplemental amounts of water are identical for every water right adjudicated in the CID.

Each subfile Summary is followed by a map depicting the water rights for that subfile.  In Part F of this Appendix are large scale sheet maps that reflect the Court record as of the date of the CID Partial Final Decree and which show the location of all subfile tracts in relation to one another.

The Summary does not include any changes in ownership of land or water rights, subdivisions of land, or transfers of water rights that occurred after the individual Subfile Orders were filed with the Court.   Information on any subsequent changes to the adjudicated water rights listed in the Summary is available from the office of the CID, the Water Rights Division of the OSE, and the “Water Rights Lookup” page on the Office of the State Engineer website.

The Summary is divided into four parts, one for each geographic township in the Carlsbad Irrigation District:

You can locate your subfile number by consulting the Indices in Appendix H.  The first of these Indices is organized alphabetically by owner name (link to Appendix H by Owner Name).