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Pecos River Compact - Compact Accounting

Compact accounting is completed using a complex methodology originally submitted in Texas v. New Mexico Supreme Court litigation as Texas Exhibit No. 108 in 1987. The methodology is incorporated in the Pecos River Master’s Manual. The Manual has been amended several times since its adoption. It is available here for download.

Pecos River Compact accounting is completed during spring of each year for the preceding water year.  For Compact Accounting purposes a water year corresponds to a calendar year. Pecos Bureau staff compiles provisional gage and reservoir data throughout the year and performs projected calculations. After completion of a calendar year all provisional data is finalized by the respective agencies and is forwarded to the federally appointed Pecos River Master, Texas and New Mexico. Pecos Bureau staff summarizes some of the finalized data and compiles graphics from it and transmits the material to the River Master and Texas. The River Master performs the annual compact calculations and submits the results to New Mexico and Texas in the form of a Preliminary Compact Accounting Report. The states have until June 15th to analyze the Preliminary Report and to submit their objections. The River Master takes the States’ objections into consideration and prepares his Final Pecos River Compact Accounting Report which needs to be submitted to Texas and New Mexico no later than June 30th.

Pecos River Compact Accounting Final Annual Reports