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Water Use & Conservation

WaterWise Building

The following water conservation material has been provided to increase the awareness of the public regarding the value of our water resources and how water can be used more efficiently.

The material is FREE for personal use or use in the classroom.

Most of the material on this page can be viewed on-line or downloaded as needed. Written copies of all of the material can be obtained by:

This brochure provides information about the use of harvested rainwater and various types of wastewater to offset the use of potable water supplies in residential and commercial developments. It outlines basic state regulatory requirements for obtaining appropriate water reuse permits, and lists contact and source information of interest to builders, developers, local governmental officials and others. The information in the brochure does not apply to single-family residences.

The brochure was developed through a cooperative effort among the New Mexico Environment Department, New Mexico Construction Industries Division, and New Mexico Office of the State Engineer, with the help of representatives from the building industry and local governmental agencies.