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Water Planning

50 Year Water Plan - Climate and Water Advisory Team Assessment and Data

Climate Change in New Mexico over the Next 50 Years: Impacts on Water Resources

This report is the Leap Ahead Analysis Assessment, which is a scientific report describing climate change impacts to water resources in New Mexico. It was prepared by a team of climate and water resources scientists convened by New Mexico Bureau of Geology & Mineral Resources (NMBGMR). This report will inform the development of the 50-Year Water Plan, in preparation by the New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission (NMISC).

This report is a separate document from the New Mexico 50-Year Water Plan.

Public Input

The NMBGMR and the NMISC want to hear from you about your concerns and suggestions related to the scientific analysis in this report, and welcome your feedback.  Public involvement is particularly important in this project. Throughout the entire project, you may submit a comment or question on any topic relevant to this report via this Public Comment Form.  Comments and Questions will be accepted through this Comment Form, not via email.  Comments regarding water and climate policy should be submitted for the New Mexico 50-Year Water Plan Comment Form.

Select the link below to submit your feedback, questions & concerns on the Leap Ahead Analysis Assessment. The deadline for public comments is midnight on the evening of 10/15/2021.


Climate & Water Science Advisory Panel BIOS
Nelia Dunbar, PhD: Geology and Mineral Resources-Director NMT, Organizer of team
About Dr. Nelia Dunbar
Fred Phillips, PhD: Hydrology Earth and Environmental Science
About Dr. Fred Phillips
Dave Gutzler, PhD: Earth and Planetary Sciences About Dr. Gutzler
Bruce Thomson, PE, PhD: Environmental Engineering-physical and chemical water chemistry About Dr. Bruce Thomson
Craig Allen, PhD: Forest and Mountain Ecology About Dr. Craig Allen
Dave Dubois, PhD: Climatology and Atmospheric Science About Dr. Dave Dubois
Les McFadden, PhD: Geomorphology and Soil Sciences About Dr. Les McFadden
Anne Tillery: Hydrology and fluvial geomorphology About Anne Tillery