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Water Planning

Region 16 - Lea County Regional Water Plan

Accepted by the ISC in 1999

The water planning region encompasses Lea County. There is no river basin in the region. The principal aquifers are the Ogallala formation and the Capitan aquifer. The region is bounded on the north by Roosevelt County, on the west by Chavez and Eddy counties, on the east and south by Texas.

1999 Final Report



Executive Summary Figures 1 thru 4 Appendices A - D
Table of Contents Figures 5 thru 6 Appendices E - J
Introduction Figure 7 Appendices R - V
Documentation of Public Involvement in Planning Process Figure 8  
Strategy Chosen to Maximize the Public Involvement Figure 9
Background Information Figure 10  
Legal Issues Figure 11 thru 19  
Water Resources Assessment for the Water Plan Study Area Figure 20  
Water Demand Figure 21
Water Plan Alternatives Figure 22 thru 25
References and Bibliography Figure 26 thru 29  
  Figure 30 thru 33
  Figure 34