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Water Planning

Region 1 - Northeast New Mexico Regional Water Plan

Accepted by the ISC in 2007

The water planning region encompasses Union County, Harding County, Guadalupe County, DeBaca County except that portion below Sumner Dam on the Pecos River, Roosevelt County, Curry County, Quay County, and the eastern part of San Miguel County. The principal river basin is the Canadian River, a tributary of the Arkansas River in New Mexico. The major aquifers are the High Plains Aquifer, with the Ogallala as the principal water bearing unit and the Entrada Aquifer in the vicinity of Tucumcari, NM. The region is bounded on the north by Colorado; on the east by Oklahoma and Texas; on the west by Colfax County, Mora County, and San Miguel County east of Range 24, NMPM, Guadalupe County and DeBaca County boundaries, and on the south by DeBaca County and Roosevelt County.

Volume 1: Report, Appendix A Volume 2: Appendix B - Appendix F
Title Page - Table of Contents Title Page - Table of Contents
Executive Summary Appendix B: Public Involvement
Section 1: Introduction Appendix C: Legal Background
Section 2: Public Participation Appendix D: Hydrologic Information
Section 3: Background Appendix E: Water Demand Information
Section 4: Legal Issues Appendix F: Supporting Information for Alternatives Analysis
Section 5: Water Supply  
Section 6: Water Demand  
Section 7: Water Budget  
Section 8: Analysis of Strategies for Meeting Future Demand  
Appendix A: WRRI Maps