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Water Planning

Region 15 - Socorro-Sierra Regional Water Plan

Accepted by the ISC in 2003

The water planning region encompasses Socorro and Sierra counties. The principal river basin in the Rio Grande. The principal aquifers are the Quaternary alluvium (Rio Grande) and the Santa Fe Group as well as parts of aquifers in the eight declared ground water basins in the region. The region is bounded on the north by Torrance, Valencia, and Cibola counties, on the west by Catron and Grant counties, on the south Luna and Doña Ana counties, and on the east by Torrance and Otero counties.

Volume I: Text, Appendices A and B Volume II: Appendices C Through H

Cover - Table of Contents which includes Acknowledgements, List of Acronyms and

Cover - Table of Contents
1. Introduction Appendix C: Public Involvement Information

Appendix C1: Meeting Notes

Appendix C2: Sample Press Releases/Newspaper Articles

Appendix C3: Database of Public Comments Regarding Alternatives

2. Public Participation Appendix D: Water Law and Regional Water Planning
3. Background Appendix E: SSPA Reports

Appendix E1: SSPA Middle Rio Grande Water Supply Study

Appendix E2: SSPA Groundwater Study Rio Grande and La Jencia Basins

4. Legal Issues Affecting Water Use and Supply in the Socorro-Sierra Water Planning Region Appendix F: Groundwater Supply Information

Appendix F1: Well Completion and Water Level Information

Appendix F2: Aquifer Properties

Appendix F3: Modified Maxey-Eakin Recharge Analysis

Appendix F4: Mines, Mills, and Quarries in the Planning Region

5. Water Resources Appendix G: Water Use Information

Appendix G1: Public Water System Information

Appendix G2: Historical and Current Water Use

Appendix G3: Irrigated Agriculture Water Use Estimation Methods

Appendix G4: Population Projections

6. Historical and Current Water Demand in the Socorro-Sierra Water Planning Region Appendix H: Agriculture Conservation Plan
7. Ability of Supply to Meet Demand  
8. Analysis of Alternatives for Meeting Future Demand  
Appendix A - Bibliography  
Appendix B - NMWRRI Maps